"I have no desire to be a career politician. I want to be the kind of public servant who will make my wife and daughter proud. I'm running to make the voices of hardworking families heard." - Tony
Wisely Investing in Education

Tony believes we need to invest in early childhood education, public schools, and institutions of higher learning, which in turn is investing in our future.  In order to assure our schools are fully funded we must reduce their dependence on local property taxes. Not only will this assure more equitable and efficient operation of our schools, but it will also relieve the burden on our senior citizens and other fixed income residents.

Property Tax Reform

Tony will fight for real action to eliminate the burden of property taxes on homeowners. 

Campaign Reform

Tony feels strongly that we need to place term limits on our elected officials and end Gerrymandering to make room for new leadership and assure public servants remain focused on governing us, rather than reelection. Campaign reform will ensure a more effective and efficient government that reflects the voices of citizens.

Attracting Industry and Building Infrastructure

As an Indiana University of Pennsylvania alumnus who chose to stay in the area, Tony is concerned that Western Pennsylvania is losing hometown graduates to other parts of the country where jobs are more plentiful. The solution is to create and recruit new industry to our district where we have a strong and eager workforce, while also upgrading our infrastructure to make the region attractive to potential manufacturers ensuring that it is safe, state of the art, and ready for the future.

Addressing Community Health Crises

Our community, along with other communities throughout the region, is suffering from a devastating heroin epidemic. Tony believes the war on drugs as it stands has failed our families at the tax payers’ expense. It is time to reevaluate our strategy on fighting this disease, moving beyond incarceration and exploring comprehensive solutions that incorporate education, prevention and rehabilitation. Making affordable mental healthcare accessible to all, particularly those who have served our country in the military, is key to healing our community.